Worship Leaders


Each term all children are invited to take on the role of Worship Leader. One child is chosen from each year group Reception - Year 5. Two Year 6 children are chosen to be Worship Leaders. 

What is a Worship Leader? 

A Worship Leader plays an important in planning, leading and evaluating worship across the school. Worship Leaders wear a badge to show the school community that they are Worship Leaders. This means any child can speak to them about collective worship as it is at the heart of our school life.  

From our Worship Leaders: 

Our job is to lead worship everyday, first we welcome everyone to worship and they respond.

This term our welcome is:

Jesus welcomes you here

Everyone responds:

We are here to worship 


After this we talk about our value of the day and then read a collect. There is a collect for each value. A collect is a short prayer.

At the end of worship we all get up and say our own prayers.


We also help the grown ups plan worship by telling them what we would like to learn about.


If you would like to know more about being a Worship Leader, come and ask us.


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