Our School

Ibstone CE Primary School was built in 1851 and opened as a school to educate the poor of the parish in 1852. 

Henry Allnutt lived in Ibstone House and inherited an estate in Goring. On his death in 1724 he bequeathed a considerable sum of money that formed a share in the Allnutt & Baker Charity which later became the Goring Heath Charity. It was money from this charity that funded the school, as we know it today, to be built in 1851.

Revd John Baker is the other named founder of the Allnutt & Baker Charity that funded the school building and supported the poor of the parish by paying for their school uniform.

Merton College, Oxford, gifted the piece of land that the school is now built on. Merton College also donated £30 in 1904 to help meet the costs of the school expansion to create an infants’ room. 

The piece of land that was gifted by Merton College was called Gadbury, it was named after John Gadbury who had been the Yeoman of Ibstone.

Today our four House Teams are named Allnutt, Baker, Gadbury & Merton. All children belong to a House and there are many House activities and team events over the course of an academic year. Each House has a House Captain and House Vice Captain who are responsible for the rest of the children in their House. All children are awarded House Points for demonstrating our school values, living out our school vision, effort, behaviour and academic and sporting achievement. 



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