Primary Expansion

Dear Consultee,                                                                                                                                              

Proposed Expansion of Ibstone CE School

Ibstone CE School has an excellent reputation for its quality of education and Christian distinctiveness. In the light of the successful conversion of another local church school we are now in the position to build on these strengths, to grow the school, and to move forward with our own expansion. 

The proposal, to extend our age range from 4-7 year olds to 4-11 year olds, has been developed in response to the wishes of our parents who would like the opportunity for their children to stay on and finish their primary education at Ibstone CE School. Becoming a primary school would provide stability and security for the school and our children.

The conversion to a primary school will be a gradual process over 4 years, starting with the introduction of Year 3 pupils in September 2017.  Full capacity would be achieved in the academic year 2020/2021.

Ultimately, to fully realise our potential as a primary school, we will need to obtain planning permission to adapt the existing footprint of the school to build an extra teaching space to accommodate some of the additional pupils.   However, our proposal is not dependent on obtaining this permission.

The complete proposal can be viewed below (PDF).

Ibstone Expansion Proposal  - Annex A                                


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